Film-Programm (encounters)

This section of the festival program is characterized primarily by encounters and interactions. The films in this section as well as the framing in collaboration with many of this human world’s cooperation partners, emphasize interpersonal exchange.
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Antonio Spano | BE
OmeU | 71 min

09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

The Democratic Republic of Congo could feed 3 billion people, but the inhabitants themselves do not have access to the country's resources and food shortages and malnutrition are widespread. AMUKA asks a double question: why such a paradox and what is the future of Congolese family farming? To answer these questions, the filmmaker chose 4 small producers, 4 provinces and 4 intertwined journeys.


Jonas Poher Rasmussen | DK, FR, SE, NO
OmeU | 86

06.12.2021 / 20:00 - Online Hub

Animations and archival footage are the tools Jonas Poher Rasmussen uses to narrate the life of his school friend, who had to flee Afghanistan as a minor in the 1980s. Since the main protagonist must remain anonymous, the filmmaker works with the pseudonym Amin Nawabi, making it possible to tell the true story of an escape for the first time after 20 years.

FLY SO FAR (Nuestra Libertad)

Celina Escher | SE, SV
OmeU | 88 min

08.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

After Teodora Vásquez loses her child to a miscarriage, she is sentenced to 30 years in prison for aggravated murder. Teodora's case has become a symbol against the extreme criminalization of abortion and the claim to control female bodies, as well as for self-determination, resistance and solidarity.


Yana Ugrekhelidze | DE
OmeU | 72 min

07.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Alexander lives in Georgia. Alexander is trans. A combination that is becoming increasingly dangerous for him and his family. His passport identifies him as female and he can no longer find work. Alexander and his wife Mari are left with one solution: fleeing to another country. In order to raise money for the plan, Mari decides to become a surrogate mother.


Fred Baillif | CH
OmeU | 110 min

07.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Seven young women* live together under the same roof without having decided to do so. Coming from difficult backgrounds, they are challenged to form a new community in the youth home. They share joy and pain and rebel passionately against the shortcomings of their surroundings. Clearly positioning itself as a fiction film, THE FAM raises real questions about an overwhelmed youth protection system.


Eefje Blankevoort, Els van Driel | NL
OmeU | 89 min

08.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

"The Game" is a dangerous attempt to cross European borders. From Greece to Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Italy to France and the Netherlands, unaccompanied minors cross snowy landscapes and experience violence and rejection. But the protagonists film their routes and experiences with smartphones and record the far-reaching consequences of European asylum policy.


Bernadette Wegenstein | US
No subtitles available (just in English) | 90 min

12.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

THE CONDUCTOR takes audiences into the life of internationally renowned conductor Marin Alsop - the first woman to serve as music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra. As a successful woman, she asserts herself in a male domain and dispels dusty clichés of elitist cultural institutions.


Alexandra Dalsbaek | RS, US
OmeU | 64 min

10.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Milena and Kolya take part in the biggest anti-Putin protests in Russia's recent history. After many years, they have the chance to publicly support the promising opposition candidate Alexei Navalny. Filmmaker Alexandra Dalsbaek turns her camera on the young activists, who answer Navalny's call to shake up the apathy created by Vladimir Putin's rule.


Rintu Thomas, Sushmit Ghosh | IN
OmeU | 93 min

08.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

In a male-dominated media landscape, India's only newspaper run by Dalit women is starting out. Armed with smartphones, these journalists break with tradition - whether on the frontlines of India's biggest problems or in their own homes. A film about fearless journalists who, in the face of hostile patriarchy and the rise of the right, have recognized the impactful power of investigative journalism.