The up & coming competition takes place every year as part of this human world with the aim of presenting and promoting young filmmaking. In this competition section, the screen is reserved for the works of those filmmakers who have just completed their first or second feature film. Seven films give an insight into the work of new international actors in the film landscape and reflect the diversity of interests, approaches and perspectives of this generation. The winning film will be awarded a theatrical release in an Austrian cinema. The jury members for this year's award are Lotte Schreiber (filmmaker), Gerald Kerkletz (camera) and Gregor Schmidinger (filmmaker).

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Madeleine Leroyer | FR | BE | IT
OmeU | 63 min

04.12.2019 / 18:00 - Schikaneder

Badges with faded images, fake names, wet paper on which phone numbers and personal stories are written. These are some of the personal belongings of over 800 refugees who died on April 18, 2015, off the Libyan coast. The film raises questions about what can and must be saved after the failure of European refugee policy.

Dyke Jails

Cecilia Montagut | ES
OmeU | 66 min

01.12.2019 / 20:15 - Schikaneder
DYKE JAILS explores the reality of women behind bars, how gender inequality affects their lives, and how, under these circumstances, lesbian desire becomes a form of resistance against this punitive institution characterized by patriarchal structures.


Brunna Laboissière | BR
OmeU | 89 min

05.12.2019 / 19:00 - Top Kino

Fabiana, a trans woman, lives as a nomadic truck driver all across Brazil. A portrait meant to go beyond well explored gender matters, guided by a drift-narrative, fragmented and fluid.


Lina Zacher | MG | DE
OmeU | 80 min

30.11.2019 / 20:15 - Top Kino
During a film workshop that lasted several months, the detainees of a youth prison in Madagascar discovered filmmaking for the first time. A familiar surrounding is rediscovered and turned upside down.

In Mansourah You Separated Us

Dorothée Myriam Kellou | FR | DZ
OmeU | 71 min

03.12.2019 / 21:30 - Top Kino

The need to break the silence initiated the journey of the filmmaker and her father to Mansourah, his home village.


Joanna Reposi Garibaldi | CL | CO
OmeU | 96 min

29.11.2019 / 22:15 - Schikaneder

Pedro Lemebel was a provocative character until the end of his life. In the dictatorial Chile of the 80s, the queer artist negotiates questions of freedom and equal rights. Garibaldi creates a multilayered portrait of the private and the political. The intimate insight into the life of the artist revives his message.

Love and Empty Words

Malgorzata Imielska | PL
OmeU | 78 min

02.12.2019 / 21:30 - Top Kino
An intimate portrait of Alzheimer's disease, with an important emphasis on the challenges and difficulties of care work.


Lina Zacher | MG // DE
OmeU | 80 min

08.12.2019 / 20:15 - Schikaneder

this human world will be screening the winning film of the up&coming competition.

the winning films will be announced dec 7.