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this human world will be screening the winning film of the up&comig competition.

During a film workshop that lasted several months, the detainees of a youth prison in Madagascar discovered filmmaking for the first time. Now they hold it towards themselves: document, stage and tell their stories, their crimes, their everyday life. A familiar surrounding is rediscovered and turned upside down.


Lina Zacher, Alpha Adrimamy Fenotoky, Adriano Raharison Nantenaina, Sitrakaniaina Raharisoa, Todisoa Niaina Sylvano Randrialalaina, Elani Eric Rakotondrasoa, Erick Edwin Andrianamelona, Jean Chrisostome Rakotondrabe, Sitraka Hermann Ramanamokatra, Lovatia

Jury statement:

This multilayered intimate play leads us into a closed-off microcosm, weaves together documentary and fiction and, at the same time, addresses the craft and social moments of filmmaking itself. A film within a film within a film.

A young German director creates a space of possibility within the isolation of a juvenile prison in Madagascar. She sparks passion, hope, and confidence and hands her team the tools they need to cut, so to speak, a window to the world into their prison walls.

Through a collective self-portrait, a seemingly lost generation finds their own strong voice. As filmmakers, they not only allow us a glimpse into their lives but to be a part of reflexive and self-empowering processes that stretch far beyond the cinematic project.

Quote: „One month from now I will be free [...] Actually I shouldn´t worry. There will be no problem. I can do many things. I can make things. I know about the camera. [...] There was this workshop about film. I can invent things.“

We are very happy to award this price to the film Fonja by Lina Zacher, Raharisoa Sitrakaniaina, Adrimamy Fenotoky Alpha, Raharison Nantenaina Adriano, Rakotondrabe Jean Chrisostome, Adrianamelana Erick Edwin, Andrianatoandro Ravo Henintsoa, Rakotondrasoa Elani Eric, Radrialalaina Todisoa Niaina Sylvano, Rakotoarimanana Harinjiva and Rafeno Fitahiana Sadify Henintsoa.

Gerald Kerkletz, Gregor Schmidinger, Lotte Schreiber | Vienna, 6.12. 2019


08.12.2019 / 20:15

Film Infos:

Lina Zacher

MG // DE

80 min



up&coming Competition