this human world - Sujet 2017

// Die Freude ist groß! Wir dürfen die Sujets zur bervorstehenden 10. Ausgabe von this human world - International Human Rights Film Festival präsentieren, gestaltet wurden sie von der portugiesischen Künstlerin Mariana Baldaia.

"I like working alone, drawing whenever I feel sad, listening to music while working. I like travelling mainly to collect posters and books from those countries. I like the smell of new books and get lost in print shops. I like handcrafts that leave “war marks” on my hands. I don’t like spending long hours in front of my computer. I like learning basic printing techniques. I like paints as much as chocolate. I don’t like talking on the phone nor video calls. I like to stop work for a coffee break or any other

excuse! I prefer listening to the children’s opinion on my work. I like it when they paint my drawings. I like working under pressure provided the client doesn’t treat me like a mere performer. I like going to exhibitions but without a guide. I like smoking cigarillos and drinking Baileys. I like Baltasar and cats.

I supported this human world as I’ve been supporting many film | music festivals because it’s like working on a white canvas. I can express myself other than a commercial advertisement, because they support the continuity of cultural expression using films as a motto.“

Mariana Baldaia - Poster Designer