DEMOCRACY - Im Rausch der Daten


Within the framework of the cooperation with the European Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) this human world presented a film to contemporary issues around democracy, data protection and human rights.
The film adresses the topics of the latest surveys of FRA, which was released on the 25th of June. In this context FRA organized a highly interesting online discussion:

The film was online here from the 25th of June, 6pm to the 28th of June 11:59pm.

DEMOCRACY - Im Rausch der Daten
by David Bernet
Documentary, 2015, GER
100 min, OV with engl. Subt.

Digitalization has changed society. While data is the „new Oil“, data protection has to become the new „pollution control“. This film begins in „pre-Snowden“ times, when a group of European lawmakers starts to challenge the political and economical weights in digital society with a new law for data protection. Industry and Member States already declare their discontent about the new ideas of a more efficient data protection regime proposed by Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Justice. Reding is in charge to maneuver the new law through the legislative process. But lobbyists get really alarmed when the European Parliament appoints the 30 year old parliamentarian Jan Philipp Albrecht to become the chief negotiator for this important dossier. Albrecht, specialized in net politics and civil rights, is now to be the leading character of the European data protection debate. During the two years of negotiations the pressure by industry stakeholders and adverse political groups is becoming so intense that the political standing of Albrecht gets in danger. Until Snowden enters the world stage and changes the game. DEMOCRACY is both, a film about modern lawmaking in a highly complex world and a film about the future of digital society affecting all of us. (farbfilm)

Online panel discussion on the 25th of June, 10am:
Fair technologies as a tool to safeguard public health?

The coronavirus pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge to protect the right to life and health of all people in the EU while also respecting, protecting and fulfilling other human rights. Promoting human rights and protecting public health are of course not an ‘either/or’ choice. Even though some rights and freedoms have temporarily been put ‘on hold’ due to prevention measures introduced by governments in order to help save lives, human rights need to be at the forefront now that EU governments design and implement ‘exit strategies’.

Wojciech Wiewiórowski
(European Data Protection Supervisor), Clayton Hamilton (World Health Organisation), Max Schrems (European Center for Digital Rights) and Cornelia Kutterer (Microsoft).