Fundamental Rights Forum in Vienna

We are happy to anounce that our cooperation with the Fundamental Rights Agency continues this year.
In the frame of the Fundamental Rights Forum, this human world will present two films followed by a panel discussion at Stadtkino Wien:

24. September, 19:30
EXIT by Karen Winther
Doku, NOR, GER, SWE, 2018, 80, min OmeU
free entry at Stadtkino Wien


followed by a panel discussion with:
- Karen Winther (film director)
- Matthew Collins (expert on far right hate groups)
- Julia Ebner (researcher on terrorism and extremism)
- Moderation: Henri Nickels (Head of Equality Sector, FRA )

26. September, 19:30
THE CLEANERS by Hans Block and Moritz Riesewick
Doku, GER, BRA, 2018, 88 min, OmeU

free entry at
Stadtkino Wien

followed by a panel discussion with:
-Moritz Riesewieck (film director)
-Fanny Hidvégi (European Policy Manager)
- Moderation: Mario Oetheimer (Head of Sector Information Society, Privacy and Data Protection Sector, FRA)

please reserve your free tickets by sending an mail to and indicate the film and the amount of tickets!!!

We are looking forward to interesting encounters and discussions!


13.06.2018 - 7:00 PM
Q&A with Martin Habacher after the screening

Mabacher #unbroken
by Stefan Wolner
Documentary AUT, 2017
80 min OmeU

This human world is happy to announce that Mabacher #unbroken was awarded with the audience award 2017! We are looking forward to another screening at Schikaneder and an interesting discussion!

Martin Mabacher does not understand why many call him a role model, when in his opinion all he does is what everyone else does. He meets people in their day-to-day life. He reaches thousands of viewers through his YouTube Channel daily. For example, there he self-mockingly explores how accessible Vienna is for people with reduced mobility. With this in mind the film portrays the daily life of an incredibly confident person with brittle bone disease who has both feet firmly on the ground. It is an encounter at eye level since it becomes obvious: barriers can be overcome.

This film is a portrait of the confident and self-mocking Martin Mabacher. He inspiringly shows that barriers can be overcome, not only for people with reduced mobility, but also in one’s own surroundings. An encounter at eye level.

Call for Entries 2018

this human world is looking for your films!

Submit to the following competitions:
- International Competition
- Austrian Competition
- Up & Coming Competition
- Expanded Shorts

All films must be submitted on Filmfreeway: Click here

Winner of competitions

Winner Expanded Shorts
The Little One (Malá) by Diana Cam Van Nguyen
(Such great news: She will be here for a Q&A! whoop whoop!)

Winner Up & Coming
No Place For A Rebel by Maartje Wegdam & Ariadne Asimakopoulos
18:00 | Schikaneder

Winner Austrian Competition
What The Wind Took Away by Helin Celik & Martin Klingenböck
20:15 | Top Kino

Winner International Competition
Last Days In Shibati by Hendrick Dusollier
20:30 | Schikaneder

Winner Youth Jury
A Ciambra by Jonas Carpignano

19:00 | Top Kino

‚ÄčLET’S TALK ABOUT RIGHTS - Programme Partnership with the The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)

Fundamental rights aim at guaranteeing that every person is treated equally, fairly and with dignity. Whether this is the right to be free from discrimination no matter your age or ethnic background, to have your personal data protected, or to live in justice, these rights should all be promoted and protected.

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) is the EU’s independent centre of fundamental rights excellence. It assists the EU institutions and its Member States to understand and tackle the challenges of safeguarding everyone’s fundamental rights. To do so, FRA collects information, makes recommendations, cooperates with human rights organisations and governments, and raises rights awareness.

This year, FRA and this human world partner to better promote common values, to draw attention to human rights emergencies and to bring facts to heated and challenging discussions. This cooperation coincides with FRA’s 10 year anniversary and also marks the 10th edition of the film festival. They will jointly host 8 screenings, followed by panel discussions with film directors, artists, human rights practitioners and the audience.

By exploring stories from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people, migrants and asylum seekers, host communities, authorities, peo- ple with disabilities, children, media and many more, the films will aim to challenge, provoke, inspire and open up our minds. So let’s talk about rights.

Through film we can explore the vast complex of rights and freedoms, of being human and living as individuals in a society. Nuances of rights become human stories, visually compelling and triggering emotions of many kinds – real and right now.

"It is a great pleasure to present The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) as a new partner institution in our anniversary year. FRA enriches and supports this human world - International Human Rights Film Festival, being the most important institution operating at EU level in the field of fundamental rights, with valuable know-how and expertise in so many fields that connect us in dealing with socio-political issues, as well as in the common effort to raise awareness when it comes to fundamental and human rights. We are excited about this inspiring new collaboration. "

Djamila Grandits & Julia Sternthal (Festival leaders - this human world)

Johannes Wegenstein (Management - this human world)

this human world - festivalprogramme 2017

this human world - International Human Rights Film Festivals Festival Programme 2017 is online!

with over 100 films and plenty of interesting side events we are looking forward to an inspiring anniversary edition.

find the entire festival programme here



Festival Trailer 2017

THE ATTACK // this human world – Festival Trailer 2017 //

D: Raoul Bruck / DOP: Sophia Wiegele / produced by LiaArts

People waiting on the screen as something threatening is approaching from afar. Yet before they even notice the danger the attackers have already started their raid, And while slicing the screen they gradually uncover the staring audience glued to their seats.


festival schedule

Opening Film - Weapon of Choice a film by Fritz Ofner & Eva Hausberger


(Fritz Ofner & Eva Hausberger)

Dokumentarfilm AT 2016

90 min OmdU

For the first time, the filmmaking duo Fritz Ofner and Eva Hausberger tell the story of the rise of the Glock pistol: An Austrian design that became the most sought-after service and murder weapon worldwide. Tracing the web of power, money, violence and politics, the film master fully portrays the dark sides of globalisation and implies an Austrian tale of willful ignorance. (GW)

thursday 30.11. 2017/ 20:00 Gartenbaukino in the presence of the filmmakers

second screening: 03.12. 2017/ 20:15 Filmcasino, Tickets sale starting Nov 17th 2017 here:


Fritz Ofner, born 1977 in Friesach, studied journalism as well as cultural and social anthropology in Vienna. Extensive travels through Asia, Africa and the Americas led him to documentary film. WEAPON OF CHOICE is the third and final part of his trilogy, which explores the causes and effects of gun violence.

Eva Hausberger, born in 1983 in Judenburg, stud- ied multi-media art in Salzburg and works as a filmmaker, assistant director and sound engineer.

WEAPON OF CHOICE is their first joint film.

this human world - festivalsujet 2017

// we are very excited to present the visuals for the upcoming 10th edition of this human world - International Human Rights Film Festival, designed by portugese Artist Mariana Baldaia

"I like working alone, drawing whenever I feel sad, listening to music while working. I like travelling mainly to collect posters and books from those countries. I like the smell of new books and get lost in print shops. I like handcrafts that leave “war marks” on my hands. I don’t like spending long hours in front of my computer. I like learning basic printing techniques. I like paints as much as chocolate. I don’t like talking on the phone nor video calls. I like to stop work for a coffee break or any other excuse! I prefer listening to the children’s opinion on my work. I like it when they paint my drawings. I like working under pressure provided the client doesn’t treat me like a mere performer. I like going to exhibitions but without a guide. I like smoking cigarillos and drinking Baileys. I like Baltasar and cats.

I supported this human world as I’ve been supporting many film | music festivals be- cause it’s like working on a white canvas. I can express myself other than a commer- cial advertisement, because they support the continuity of cultural expression using films as a motto.“

Mariana Baldaia - Poster Designer I supported this human world as I’ve been supporting many film | music festivals be- cause it’s like working on a white canvas. I can express myself other than a commer- cial advertisement, because they support the continuity of cultural expression using films as a motto.“

Mariana Baldaia - Poster Designer

Theatrical Release HIDDEN PHOTOS

FROM 19|5|2017 in Top Kino Facebook Event


Forty years after the end of the Khmer rouge regime, Kim Hak, a young photographer, inspired by family pictures his mother hid underground before the war, looks for a new imaginary of Cambodia. Another photographer who had been part of the regime, had taken 14.000 photos of the genocide victims and now wonders how to profit from them. Which images should represent a country and its history?


Jury statement:
up and coming award | this human world 2016
"Proceeding from kept and individual pictures of memory the conceptual range extends into an external of the collective memory of a country. Once a regime writes and erases pictures – today a film searches for a way out of such iconographic validity and from the exclusivity of certain historic imagery. In an unagitated, multilayered and balanced audiovisual concept the film avoids any tendency or judgemental observation. Through a step-by-step disclosure of its narrative structures it makes a reference to the impossibility of completing a writing of history – and so faces pictorial politics with the image of art. We would like to make possible a theatrical release for this innovative first film, and it is a great pleasure to us to award the UP AND COMING Award to the Italian documentary "Hidden Photos" by Davide Grotta.
Jury: Selma Doborac, Jana Koch, Dominik Tschütscher

Regie: Davide Grotta, ITA | 2016
68 min, OmeU
up and coming Jury Award

the future is ours to see | this human world | Students Short Film Competition

this human world - International Human Rights Film Festival will hold the Short Film Competition on Human Rights 2017under the auspices of the United Nations Information Service (UNIS) Vienna and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Austria in cooperation with schools in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia.

10 to 20 years old students are invited, as a class or individually, to develop short films inspired by the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The theme of this year's competition is “The future is ours to see: Together - for a better future”.

Both, prospects for the future and views into the past, are sought. What does the concept mean, what role will "Together" play in the future and / or how important has cohesion / co-existence always been? What vision of our society do you have in mind when you think of civil courage and

participation? Can you imagine a future in which there is a peaceful co-existence? How can people from different cultures and languages find common ground, overcome language barriers, and how important is integration for cohabitation?

The aim of this competition is to bring human rights and the international declaration of human rights with its 30 articles topics closer to young people, giving students an opportunity for critical reflection on these issues and offering a platform for young committed filmmakers to present their work.

The film submissions will be reviewed by a prominent international jury. The short film which is awarded the Jury prize, is endowed with a cash prize and will be shown in the framework of the opening of the International Human Rights Film Festival - this human world.

The young filmmakers will be invited to Vienna to attend the festival opening. Via an online vote an audience prize will be awarded among the selection of the top ten films. After the numerous and qualitatively outstanding submissions of the last eight years, also in 2017 we are looking forward to inspiring and exciting contributions from individual students or group works from school classes. The competition will be internationally advertised by the UN partner organizations and announced among local educational institutions in Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. Framework conditions for the competition:

The competition is open to children and teenagers between the ages of 10 to 20.

The film entries can be submitted by students individually or as school class.

The maximum length of the short movies should be 3 minutes. The film entries can be produced and edited using any means provided by the schools and/or available to the students. From professional video camera to phone camera everything is welcome and every genre is allowed.

The Registration for the competition should be sent via email to by 23 June 2017.

Registration should include:

  • * Name and address of the school,
  • * Name and contact details of the person of contact in the school (Teacher),
  • * Age and number of the participating students
    The students and legal guardians of minors, by the submission of film entries by their daughter / son, agree that photo and video material of the award ceremony (photos of the winners / interviews with participants) can be published in media and on websites of the issuing institutions (UNIS, UNHCR, THIS HUMAN WORLD), as well as in social networks.

    The deadline to submit the film entries for the competition is 20 October 2017.

    Submission via email to: schulfilmprojekt@thishumanworld.comFor additional information contact Lisa Wegenstein by Tel.: +43/1/5855888/0 or


Today you can watch the winners of the competitions!

Winner Expanded Shorts (will be screened before every movie today)
The Little One (Malá) by Diana Cam Van Ngyuen

Winner Up & Coming (Schikaneder | 18:00)
No Place For A Rebel by Maartje Wegdam & Ariadne Asimakopoulos

Winner Austrian Competition (Top Kino | 20:15)
What The Wind Took Away by Helin Celik & Martin Klingenböck

Winner International Competition (Schikaneder | 20:30)
Last Days In Shibati by Hendrick Dusollier

Winner Youth Jury (Top Kino | 19:00)
A Ciambra by Jonas Carpignano

Enjoy the last day of the festival!