We reached our crowdfunding goal! We are so happy! We thank all our supporters, our audience, our facebook friends and everyone that shared out campaign, contributed somehow and helped us through our 30-day challenge!

We also want to thank Katayun Azadi, Elhadj As Sy, Florentin Berger-Monit, Raoul Bruck, Corinne Eckenstein, William Egginton, Daniela Enzi, Mirjam Gassner, Marijana Grandits, Michaela Golla, Hakon Hirzenberger, Florian Klenk, Heinz Wagner, Kulturen in Bewegung, Janina Lebiszczak, Melanie Merio, Albert Meisl, Anna Julia Müller-Funk, Barbara Neuroth, Manfred Nowak, Antonia Prochaska, Josef Redl, Arash T. Riahi, Evi Romen, Heidi Schrodt, Skero, Klaus Schwertner, Robert Stachel, Jutta Pregenzer, Joesi Prokopetz, Patrick Vollrath, Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt, Bernadette Wegenstein, Nives Widauer, Frank Wilde, Susanne Widl, Liz Zimmermann, the Research Center Human Rights, Schikaneder, Top Kino, Waystone Film, MQ Kantine, Curtain, BIORAMA, the Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York, the Österreichischen Generalkonsulat in München, dem Austrian Cultural Forum in Bern, Bank Austria, wemakeit and Simone Mathys-Parnreiter!


Call for Artworks

Your Trailer to be shown before every film! Your Sujet all over the city!

Submit your Festival Trailer and/or Sujet for this year's edition of this human world.

Deadline is 30/06/2016

Find more information here:

Call for Trailer / Sujet 2016


We (can) Make It - Crowdfunding

Please support the ninth edition this human world - International Human Rights Film Festival. Our wemakeit crowdfunding campaign is online. There are many exciting purchases waiting for you!

Thank you very much!

On the 22.06.2015 we will celebrate the endspurt of our crowdfunding campaign! Join us in Schikaneder while the this human world festival team will take care of the music!


We are happy to hold the Vienna Premiere of the Film

Seefeuer (Fuocoammare)

IT|FR 2015, 108 min. | OmU

Regie: Gianfranco Rosi

in cooperation with FILMLADEN and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, in the presence of the director Gianfranco Rosi, on the 21.06.2016 at 8:15PM in the Village Cinema in Vienna.

21.06.2016 at 8:15 in the Village Cinema

Here the link to our Facebook Event



this human world and Waystone will show Can't be Silent in Topkino on the 9th of June at 7:30PM

-> Entry: Free Donation

All your donations will go to our crowdfunding campaign!

Can´t Be Silent won the DGB Film Award of The Confederation of German Trade Unions at International Film Festival Emden-Norderney.




this human world is very much looking forward to your submissions to this year's competition programme.

Films can be submitted from now on, further information and the entry form can be found in the pdf. enclosed.

Call for Entries

submit your film via withoutabox:


Festivaldirectors 2016

this human world has a new festivalmanagement.

Julia Sternthal and Djamila Grandits are very much looking forward, to build upon the great work that has been done during the last years and to create an ecxiting and inspiring 9th festival edition.

Foto: © Raoul Bruck


this human world 2016

We are happy to announce that the 9th edition of this human world will be taking place from december 1st to december 11th 2016.



Screening Audience Prize this human world 2015


Audience Prize this human world 2015 - Femme Brutal | R: Liesa Kovacs & Nick Prokesch


International Juryprize this human world 2015 - Kings Of Nowhere | R: Betzabé García


Austrian Jury Prize this human world 2015 - Vaterfilm | R: Albert Meisl


Special Mention Austrian Jury - FtWTF - Female to What The Fuck | R: Katharina Lampert & Cordula Thym


Special Mention International Jury this human world 2015 - Ixcanul (Volcano) | R: Jayro Bustamante


Opening this human world 2015


In retrospect: this human world Refugee Party at Grelle Forelle

It is with great indignation that we have been following the current situation concerning the support and accommodation of refugees in Austria. We are especially concerned about the unaccompanied minors, which often are housed in huge inadequate shelters without any special support and have to stay there without any hope of an improvement of their situation.

This situation urged us to take action and connect with a network of people and together with Kinderfreunde and the Austrian Asylkoordination, the this human world team organized an event on Friday the 28th of August for young refugees at Grelle Forelle in Vienna.

We were so pleased to put a huge smile on 180 people’s faces. The young refugees did breakdance, graffiti and DJ-ing and there was a lot of dancing too!

We would like to thank 9th district of the municipality of Vienna and several other sponsors, which supported this event. Zielpunkt contributed to this event with meat, Adamah Biohof contributed with vegetables, Ströck contributed with bread. Patrick Müller, “punks”-restaurant founder and former Silent Cooking cook, transformed the ingredients into a wonderful buffet. Fairtrade contributed with juices and refreshments and our workshop organizers organized great activities for the 180 party guests!

It was a great party, which first and foremost was a great joy not only for the young people that took part in it, but also was a great and memorable experience for the this human world team as well! We would like to express our huge thanks once again to our partners Kinderfreunde Wien, Asylkoordination Österreich and also all other ones that were involved and made this event possible!